キャラクター情報 2024.05.07

「10th Anniv. トレクル10周年超ありがとう!!超スゴフェス!!」ロジャー性能紹介

“海賊王”ゴールド・ロジャー この世の全てを手に入れた男








“King of the Pirates” Gold Roger – The Man who Achieved it All

Key Points!
Your crew gains certain effects based on the captain’s type and class, including type effects, ATK, or slot effects boosted by 2.75x!
His Captain Ability reduces Special Bind by 10 turns, and boosts Pirate EXP and Berries received by 2.25x!


Dawn of Adventure

– Reduces all enemies DEF Up duration by 7 turns
– Reduces crew’s ATK Down duration by 7 turns
– Changes character’s slot to [TND] (including [BLOCK] slots; ignoring inability to change [S. BLOCK][WANO][SEMLA] and rainbow slots)
– Prevents character’s slot from being changed until character lands a GREAT strike
– Reduces damage taken by 95% for 1 turn
– If Captain is a DEX-type, boosts the type effects of normal attacks for crew by 2.75x for 2 turns (this effect cannot be removed by crew or enemies). If Captain is a Slasher class, boosts crew’s ATK by 2.75x for 2 turns (this effect cannot be removed by crew or enemies)
– If Captain is a Powerhouse class, boosts crew’s slot effects by 2.75x for 2 turns (this effect cannot be removed by crew or enemies)

Super Tandem(Lv.5)
– Applies ATK Boost (Tandem) of 2.25x to DEX, Slasher and Powerhouse characters for 1 turn
– Changes crew’s ATK multiplier of [DEX][PSY][INT] slots to 2.5x when slots match (normally 2.0x when matching) 0.5x when unfavorable, 1.0x otherwise for 1 turn

Other Key Points
– Has EX Super of DEX, Slasher, Powerhouse
– Activate EX Super even as a Crewmate
– At the time of EX Super, extends the duration of crew’s ATK boost, slot effect boost, and type effect boost durations by 1 turn, changes DEX characters to Super DEX, changes Slasher characters to Super Slasher
– Reduces crew’s Special charge time by 1 turn at start of quest
– Boosts crew’s ATK by 5.5x when slots match (5.25x otherwise), boosts their HP by 1.35x
– Reduces crew’s Special Bind duration by 10 turns
– Boosts Berries and Pirate EXP earned by 2.25x (unless character became Captain in the middle of the quest)

*This content is still under development and is subject to change.
Please check in-game after this character has been added.